Monday, October 27, 2008

Bubble Hut in the dark

So, I go walking down the stairs to check the laundry Angie had put in a while ago and to move it along.

(Angie wants to be sure ya'll understand that she wasn't being lazy. She just asked for my help. The stuff in the dryer was still HOT, so it wasn't really sitting there "a while," it was just time to move it. Thats all. So don't try and read into it too much.)

Lets just say, wet socks.

Ever stepped on the spot of the rug where someone spilled their water and you get a surprise wet sock. Well, as it turned out the washer decided it was as sick of the laundry as Angie was so it just stopped doing it. Wouldn't life be so easy, if life were so easy? Well just because the washer stopped it didn't mean that the clothes would stop getting dirty. Kids have got to eat. When the kids eat the clothes get dirty.
So we called the babysitter and hit the Bubble Hut for a couple of hours getting all the laundry done in one shot. Besides the cost the fact that we got it all done at once was great! Plus we got a few tips on the art of using the laundry mat from a few different people in both conversation and from observations.

Lets just say that we didn't feel like we "fit in".

Here is the valuable tip we offer: use several of the small dryers instead of the huge ones. The big ones, though convenient in that the y fit all the clothes, cost too much and are deceptive in their efficiency because you fill them up too much. The small ones give you 3 extra minutes for the same quarter and they make you feel like you can't fill them up too much. So you don't.


Anonymous said...

Oh, the laundromat!!! What sweet memories and smells the word brings about...but seriously (no really)here's the one thing I didn't like: You know how you have to carry your HUGE, overloaded, not to mention extra heavy laundry basket in those double glass doors--one of which is inevitably locked? Why, will someone please tell me, of all the places on earth we are forced at times to patronize, don't they have AUTOMATIC DOORS?????????? I've yet to see a laundromat with automatic doors. That is the dumbest, lamest, stupidest, awkwardest, hardest-to-maneuver-with-kids-in-tow-while-you-carry-the-laundry-in- (at least two trips if you're me)things in the whole wide world!
Now you're gonna tell me the Bubble Hut has automatic doors, right?
Love Ya,

zac and mandy said...

Jayson and Ang.
Sounds like fun at the mat. I wanted to say Hi and get your Moms email if I can. my email is let's get together again soon. love, mandy haws

Eric and Andrea said...

Hey Angie, remember me? Andrea McConahay from R-kids many moons ago. :-)
So glad to see your cute family doing well. I found your blog through Dawn's. I may spy on you now and again if that's okay?
Are you still at R-Kids? How else is life for you these days?