Sunday, August 31, 2008

premature snow-day preparations

We told the girls, today at breakfast, that it was going to snow here in Utah on Monday. As you can imagine they started talking about all the things they could do in the neck deep snow that will be waiting for them when they wake up Monday morning. We had to explain that it would actually only be snowing in the mountains, and they were disappointed to say the least. But as expected, they ran down into the dungeon of our basement and found their snow suits and played in them for the majority of the morning.

I wish we could get this excited about the snow coming but I'm not even going to pretend. At least the cold weather means one good thing. Football is here and hockey is on the way!


Dawn said...

I am the opposite of excited about bad is raining and hailing here right now. YUCK!

emileemanzy said...

pretty much I have the freakin' cutest nieces in the world! :) that is toooooo funny! haha