Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Typing to stay positive!

It seems that no matter what has happened through the day all I can think about is Steph and her family as I fall asleep the past few nights. Her story is one that sends chills up the spine and tears down the cheeks. I sat on the couch last night after the kids were in bed and started to watch a video posted on about Steph's cool family tradition with balloons

I had to stop only one minute into it so I could have The Misses join me. It was awesome to see all the people around the world take interest in Steph and her family. (this was the goose bumps part)

But then we went back to the blog and read the post for September 1. 2008 The Jolly Porter's Update and then the tears started falling, or running, or streaming, or gushing. 

What an incredible look into what is going on!

I can't believe the support coming in and how positive Sheph's siblings have been through it all. The reality of it all just hit me in the eyes and I couldn't stop thinking (code for crying) about it, the old cliché "it'll never happen to me" became an utter lie to me. I hope I never look at life like this again, it can and all you can do sometimes is keep your head up.

-Mr. Man

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