Sunday, September 14, 2008


We've had a good week this week. But it was far from uneventful. We went to a concert, one of my THS soccer games, that got canceled after we got to Pleasant Grove, had Friday off from school and I broke up a fight on Thursday, getting hit in the process. Angie was observed by the people who control the grant money, at R-kids. And probably worst of all: I had to go to the dentist. Wheeeew! Yeah it was a great week.

At least we got to go to the Purple Turtle since the game got canceled. And, at least the kid who hit me didn't get the weapons he had, out of his bag till the school officer searched him. It could have been worse, it definitely could have been worse. We could have eaten leftovers from the fridge had the coach from PG called on the telephone, (oh yes, I have a telephone!) and the game been canceled before we all drove out there. We don't try to think of the alternatives to the mess at school with the fight. Plus I got my teeth clean and had no cavities!

How could I forget! Our car was broken in to. For the second time this year, this time my church bag was taken. We had two calls this week from people who said they had found my scriptures at a gas station in PG and my bag just off the freeway on-ramp here in Spanish. What the Crap? I didn't realize it was even gone till they called.

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Anonymous said...

So, are the SF cops gonna patrol a bit more in your area? For crap sake! (Did I just say that? Eeeeew... I'm letting my attitude effect my vocabulary!) Get those bad boys with the badges over there!
And get metal detectors at the school...for crap sake!
Irate Mom